A Coordinated Vision

June 29, 2017 by

“Teammates who work together are the tangible difference between good teams and great teams.” — Tom Izzo, MSU Basketball Coach

Teamwork is the root of success for any institution. Especially, at an institution the size of MSU. For many years, MSU units and departments have had to make IT decisions without standardized, aligned processes. This lack of alignment resulted in MSU’s IT systems being configured differently from one another, making it complicated and time consuming to upgrade new technology and to share new, innovative tools across campus.

At the time, we understood that creating cohesion across these disparate systems was imperative to creating an agile environment. But, we also understood that as a service unit we could not proceed to implement change without establishing a coordinated vision that takes the university’s systems, teams, and priorities into consideration.

MSU IT is establishing an IT Governance strategy to develop clear leadership, decision making, and resource sharing for IT, while providing for the distinct needs of campus stakeholders. IT Governance at MSU gives the MSU IT community across all departments and units the power to work together to establish MSU’s IT priorities, guidelines, and standards.

Graphic representing interconnectedness

Through the collaboration enabled by IT Governance, the MSU community is able to direct the IT initiatives we prioritize. We have seen IT Governance at work in projects we have successfully completed and rolled out the MSU community such as the Active Directory Governance Committee – reshaping our collaboration platform by campus for campus. This committee establishes rules, procedures, processes, and standards for campus-wide Active Directory and Office 365 usage.

We plan to grow IT Governance participation through the continued formation of IT Governance Committees. Once fully established, the IT Governance Committees will advise on IT project priorities and oversee key initiatives in accordance to agreed-upon Guiding Principles. These committees will build upon the IT Governance foundation we have developed, to become strategic partners in the development, implementation, and expansion of technology at MSU.

As we continue to elevate MSU’s IT infrastructure from good to great, we need to continue working from the same playbook to achieve the same goal. We cannot establish goals and strategy in a vacuum. We need the continued teamwork from #TeamMSUIT and the MSU community to make our shared goals possible.

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