A Lifelong Spartan

August 12, 2016 by

I want to thank the MSU community for the incredible amount of support I have received since given the opportunity to serve as interim CIO. I have been deeply invested in the Spartan community long before arriving here professionally. My experiences as a Spartan began at an early age with my father, having graduated from MSU, would bring me to university ice hockey games before I could even walk. My siblings became Spartans as well, attending MSU as students. Staying true to my family’s tradition I too enrolled in MSU and completed an undergraduate degree in—as you might expect—computer science engineering.

The reception I have received following the announcement of this new appointment is truly a testament to the culture here at MSU… genuine, tenacious, and collaborative. Instead of the much anticipated question of “what are you going to do or change?” the university community is asking what they can do. My response thus far has been “to engage.” We have been through a lot of change over the past few years and, given the industry we are in, I anticipate that it will continue. Shifting from what is already known to new experiences will require all of us to assert ourselves and seek out information. I hope we will all contribute to MSU’s future environment.

We will continue to evolve as an organization and maintain our focus on being bolder. The initiatives and projects shared on our Bolder IT website will help us strengthen core technology services, align with units across campus, and innovate so we are competitive and relevant. As new services and information are made available, we will share them with you on our technology website and on Twitter. I hope all of you will remain connected with us and the evolution of technology by seeking out information and contributing input along the way.

Go Green!


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