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October 2, 2017 by

Today, October 2, 2017, I am pleased to welcome more than 80 new members to the MSU IT team. These new team members started their careers as part of the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Information and Communication Technology (IPF ICT) team, and will bring both new and familiar skill sets to MSU IT, including facility management technology, geographic information systems, telecom systems, unified communications, and university customer service and support. The integration of this great team will expand MSU IT’s ability to serve the university, continuing in our mission to provide information technology solutions that provide the platform for Michigan State University to excel in research, education, and outreach.

We have been working with leaders across MSU to strategically align and integrate teams that complement MSU IT capabilities, and free up resources for our clients to focus on what they do best. As a result, in the past year MSU IT has welcomed staff members from the Health Colleges, College of Veterinary Medicine, and many other units across campus. Each integration brings new talent, skills, and ways of working to our current work processes, enhancing our support of the academic and research mission of MSU.

As MSU IT grows, we strive to honor cultural elements from all new teams to further enhance a culture that transcends departments and supports a culture of high performance. In turn, our new team members have access to tools, resources and IT expertise to further enhance their careers.

By the end of 2018 the MSU IT team will be comprised of more than 500 people. This growth is a reflection of the trust the university has in MSU IT, and with that trust comes the great responsibility of understanding the needs of our university partners, and delivering on our commitments.

Today marks a monumental achievement – a great beginning – for both IPF and MSU IT. Thank you to everyone who has been a part the integration, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with IPF as their IT service and technology partner.

I am excited about the new #TeamMSUIT, and want to hear from you. Connect with me on Twitter at @McCurdy_Rob or join the conversation on @TechAtMSU.

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