Stronger Together

August 1, 2018 by

Almost four months have passed since the MSU Data Center was introduced to the Spartan community and President Engler announced a new vision for MSU IT—aligning College and Unit IT groups into one central MSU IT organization.

This integration strategy brings MSU IT into a service-oriented model that is contemporary, agile, and innovative. Digital learning, outreach, and research will be connected in one central hub, amplifying technology know-how for the University. MSU IT will excel in common core IT services and technology innovation to improve solutions for Colleges and Units.

In the first few months of this journey, the IT team has held countless conversations, meetings, and working sessions with MSU Colleges and Units. Those discussions have yielded clear insight into how technology uniquely contributes to the university’s success. We are also identifying areas of opportunity for the future.

We should acknowledge that these improvements are unprecedented in MSU’s history. I don’t underestimate the magnitude of change that is being asked of the academic and administrative units on campus, or the people who make up those organizations. At the same time, now is an extraordinary time to be a part of the change and growth of this great university.

I am enthusiastic to welcome new IT staff members to MSU IT today and in the next several weeks. These incoming IT professionals will add substantial value and make us a stronger, more cohesive team. The collective experience, skills, and capabilities will create a technology environment that is second to none, and the scale of opportunity in the new organization will position each staff member to contribute their very best.

We are unquestionably stronger together, and together we will offer superior Information Technology to Michigan State University.

Thank you for reading and go green!

Rob McCurdy

Chief Information Officer
Michigan State University 


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