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April 12, 2018 by

In the past 4 years, Information Technology at MSU has evolved from a commodity IT based organization into a structure positioned to strengthen core IT assets, trusted to align with unit and college requirements, and innovate in the delivery of effective technology solutions. The MSU Data Center, accelerated Wi-Fi in residence halls, and co-development of an on-campus navigation and informational app with Computer Science and Engineering students are recent examples of partnerships that deliver results for researchers, faculty, staff, and students.  

It is time to take the next steps in securing best in class information technology and service to Michigan State University. As mentioned at today’s data center ribbon cutting ceremony, all department and college IT units will transition to one consolidated MSU IT team.  

This new enterprise IT organization will deliver reliable, best in class IT security, infrastructure, and application services. We will leverage unit IT knowledge and expertise into our well-established field services model to ensure client-centered support and services. Our Academic and administrative IT teams are poised to deliver effective core services and nurture the unique IT capabilities so many of our clients require. 

Why change? The evolving technology landscape creates a significant opportunity for more effective administration of core IT services, while university appetite for technology solutions is unprecedented, demanding higher levels of technical expertise and integration. 

I look forward to the opportunities this new IT model will bring to MSU, accelerating IT’s ability to deliver effective technology solutions, further enabling Michigan State University students, faculty, and staff to positively impact vital global issues. 

Rob McCurdy 

Chief Information Officer
Michigan State University 


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