What’s Your Perspective?

December 28, 2016 by

I have been thinking a lot about assumptions, particularly in the workplace. Our lives are filled with them. They have to be. If we didn’t assume our car would start each morning and others would stop when they were supposed to at intersections, it would be pretty hard to get to work every day. There are countless examples of things we believe to be true that without them would stifle productivity. But when can suppositions adversely impact an organization?

A couple of assumptions I consider harmful to organizations include:

As we work to transform the university’s information technology environment, we must consider alternative approaches, views, and new perspectives. Assumptions we carry forward from the past will pose significant barriers to our progress. In particular, they will hinder our ability to consider all that is possible, place limits on our capacity to try something new, and have detrimental consequences to the relationships we have tried very hard to foster.

It’s about perspective. What will yours be?

Go Green!


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